Fahrradgalerie aus zwei Jahrhunderten | Foto: © Museum der Arbeit, Karin Plessing
Fahrradgalerie aus zwei Jahrhunderten | Foto: © Museum der Arbeit, Karin Plessing

The Bicycle – Culture, Technology, Mobility

Special exhibition at the Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Labour) from 9 May 2014 to 1 March 2015

The bicycle is the most commonly used vehicle in the world. Opened ahead of its 200th birthday, this exhibition looks at the past and present of this popular means of transport, incorporating a number of different perspectives.

A culture-historical view depicts the bike’s development from an elitist status symbol and piece of sports equipment to a mass-produced vehicle used on a daily basis. The spotlight is shone on phenomena such as the early cycling clubs of the middle and working classes, the perception of women with regard to cycling and doping in bicycle racing.

Inventions and developments in bicycle production, technology and design form additional focal points in the exhibition. The bicycle has prompted new mobility concepts around the world. An account of local and global traffic and mobility aspects relevant both today and in the future ties in with current discussions.

To round off the exhibition, visitors can marvel at a gallery of 100 iconic bicycles of the past 200 years, which forms the central axis of the exhibition space.


Detailed thematic concept for the exhibition area “Cultural history of the bicycle”

  • Client: The Historical Museums Hamburg Foundation, Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Labour)
  • Display space: approx. 650 m2
  • Exhibition design: MIWAA Ausstellungsarchitektur

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