GDA Award 2018
2 x German Design Award for the design team gwf-exhibitions, matthies & schnegg, it's about

NS-Documentation Vogelsang

The NS documentation " Determination: Herrenmensch. NS Order Castles between Fascination and Crime", which was opened in September 2016, wins the German Design Award 2018 twice. The exhibition was awarded in the categories "Fair & Exhibition" and "Universal Design".

After years of reconstruction, the new Forum IP (Internationaler Platz) was opened in the former Nazi order castle Vogelsang, in a prominent location in the middle of the Eifel National Park. Together with Matthies & Schnegg and It's about, gwf-ausstellungen designed the NS-documentary Vogelsang " Determination: Herrenmensch - NS Order Castles between fascination and crime". On 800 m² and in addition a good 1,000 m² in the three exhibit rooms "Ehrenhalle", "Burgschänke" and "Kameradschaftshaus", it conveys the historical town of Vogelsang from various perspectives - diverse, accessible and in four languages. Thus, in addition to the monument area itself, it is the basis for the educational offers of the Vogelsang IP Academy. In the future, 300,000 visitors are expected to visit the entire complex annually.

The exhibition makes an important contribution to a previously unresolved aspect of Nazi history: a small group of young men, the "Ordensjunkern", presented to the "Volksgemeinschaft" as the new elite of the party.
On the upper floor the design reflects visions and promises of happiness, but also the inner contradictions of the Nazi regime; on the lower floor a rather oppressive atmosphere supports the narrative of Junkers' complicity in Nazi crimes. The exhibition is barrier-free, it conveys thematic focuses with tactile models and audio offerings, provides a tactile guidance system, Braille and raised writing, and is accessible by wheelchair.

  • Client: Vogelsang IP gemeinnützige GmbH
  • Exhibition area: approx. 800 m², plus 1000 m² exhibit rooms
  • Opening date: 11.09.2016

Project partner: Matthies & Schnegg with It's about, Berlin
Collaboration: Bettina Bick, Arnd Criegee, Nadia Schrader
Cooperation: Zolghadri GmbH - LICHT Technik Design


    Design concept
    Exhibition graphic
    Detailed design
    Site management
    Cost control

Panorama visualisation Adlerhof © Mola und Winkelmüller Architekten GmbH BDA
Panorama visualisation Adlerhof © Mola & Winkelmüller Architekten GmbH BDA

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