Photo: Jörg Jahnke © MAV GmbH
Photo: Jörg Jahnke © MAV GmbH

Permanent exhibition on the history of the former salt mine

The former salt mine turned final repository for radioactive waste Morsleben in Saxony-Anhalt has a diverse history: potash and rock salt production dominated through to the 1960s, defence production using concentration camp prisoners and slave labourers during the National Socialist era; then came poultry production, before the site was used as a toxic waste dump and finally as a repository for radioactive waste. Morsleben is currently in the process of being shut down.

At the start of 2016, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection opened an exhibition on the history of the repository in Morsleben Information Centre, which aims to reveal the history of these pits – a history that is certainly unique in its variety and which will be made accessible to the public through objects and documents.

The exhibition proffers the different perspectives of those involved at each stage of its history. In the detailed specification that we drafted with regard to defence production and slave labour during the time of National Socialism, the interests of the defence producers at the time are set against quotes from former concentration camp prisoners.

The second exhibition area we curated, on the site’s use after the war and in the German Democratic Republic, contrasts how the repository is perceived in East and West Germany.

  • Client: Federal Office for Radiation Protection
  • Display space: approx. 100 m2
  • Opened: January 2016
  • Detailed scientific concept for two display areas
  • Project Coordination
  • Design concept
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Implementation planning
  • Construction management
  • Cost control

Collaboration partner: Julia Werner

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