Collage of quotes
Collage of quotations in the exhibition

The concentration camp in the village - history and post-history of the subcamp Ladelund

Permanent exhibition and interlinking of the historical sites of the concentration camp memorial and meeting place Ladelund

From 1 November to 16 December 1944, a concentration camp existed in the municipality of Ladelund. The SS had 2000 inmates from twelve nations dig anti-tank trenches between Humptrup and Ladelund. This was intended to stop the feared invasion of Allied troops from the north. No one in the village could overlook the agony of the starving people driven to work. Within six weeks 300 prisoners died here. They were buried in the village cemetery.


The view through the windows of the exhibition room connects the place of remembrance with the new and modern documentation. The few objects that were found and the pictures that have survived, as well as different memories and biographies of life history, are the focus of the exhibition. Given the quadrilingual nature of the exhibition, a new approach to texts was ventured. Visitors are encouraged to ask their own questions before consulting the scientific explanations on pull-out boards and in-depth media

The historical places around the Document House are marked with information steles visible from afar. Signposts in the same appearance connect the places to a circular path. On the former camp site, a perforated relief map shows the results of geophysical prospections and makes visible what remains hidden to the naked eye: traces of the camp.

The combination of quotations from surviving prisoners, guards and residents opens up different perspectives on the history and post-history of the subcamp. Ambivalences become clear and are critically analysed.

  • Client: Lutheran parish of Ladelund
  • Opening date: 18.11.2017

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Signposts on the circular route to the historical places

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